Refer-A-Friend Agreement


  1. Applying
  2. Sharing
  3. Tracking
  4. Payment
  5. Self-Referrals
  6. Web Developers and Designers
  7. Removal
  8. Last Modified


WebHostingPad clients must apply for the Refer-A-Friend program ("RAF program") using the form below. If your application is accepted, you will receive an email confirming your acceptance into the program, sent to the email address you entered in the application. This acceptance email also includes your unique tracking link.

While most clients who sign up for the RAF program will be accepted, WebHostingPad reserves the right to deny you entry into the program. Your application will be denied if your account meets any of the following criteria:

  • You do not have an account with WebHostingPad.
    The RAF program is reserved for WebHostingPad clients. To promote WebHostingPad without an account, sign up for our Affiliate Program.
  • Your WebHostingPad account is closed, cancelled, deleted, or is otherwise inaccessible. You must have an active WebHostingPad account to participate in the program.
  • Your account was previously, or is currently, suspended for abuse or a violation of our Terms of Service.
  • You have an unresolved chargeback or payment dispute on your account.
  • You are currently enrolled in our Affiliate Program.
  • Your account is pending or suspected of credit card fraud.
  • Your account is otherwise deemed inelgible for the RAF program by a WebHostingPad employee or representative, at their discretion.
  • If you have provided incomplete or inaccurate information in your application, WebHostingPad may contact you via email requesting clarification before accepting your application. WebHostingPad must be able to find your account in our system in order to generate your tracking link.


    You may share your tracking link with your friends, family, coworkers, customers, or acquaintences. You can send your link directly through email or instant messaging, or you can share it publicly on social media or even your website. You can even share it with people you don't know — after all, how are we going to know?

    We do have the following restrictions in place for link sharing:

  • You may not use paid advertising (PPC, adsense, facebook boost, etc.) to share your tracking link.
  • You may not spam people with your tracking link. Spamming includes mass emails, repetitive posts or comments, or other unsolicited and annoying forms of communication.
  • Tracking

    When you are accepted into the RAF program, you receive an email containing a URL. This URL is your unique tracking link. It will look something like this:

  • Tracking links are unique to your WebHostingPad account, and will only track sign-ups to the WebHostingPad account you signed up with. When you are signed in to your client area, your tracking link will be displayed in the dropdown when you click Refer-A-Friend in the navigation bar.

    Tracking links use a small piece of data called a cookie. When your friend clicks on your tracking link, a cookie is created and stored in their browser, and they are then forwarded to the WebHostingPad website. This cookie keeps track of the links on our site that your friend clicks, and fires when the "order complete" page is reached, generating a pending referral. If your friend has disabled cookies, the referral will not track, and WebHostingPad cannot honor payment for that referral.


    When you have made a successful referral that resulted in a sign-up, the tracked sale will be set to "pending" in our system for 30 days. This pending period exists to help protect against credit card fraud, identity theft, and other abusive behaviors, and is fairly standard in the industry, and for many businesses with 30-Day Money Back Guarantee policies.

    After the pending period has passed and the tracked sale has been processed and confirmed as valid, you will be sent the appropriate earnings in the payment method you specified when you signed up. Earnings are dependent on the type of hosting plan your referral signed up for. You can see the corresponding amounts for each plan listed on the Refer-A-Friend Program page.

    WebHostingPad offers two payment methods for Refer-A-Friend participants:

  • Credit: When you choose to be paid in credit, all earnings will be applied as hosting credit on your WebHostingPad account. This credit may be used, in part or as a whole, to help pay invoices for new services, domain registrations, and renewals. The credit does not expire as long as your account with us remains open. It is also generally faster than other methods of receiving payment.
  • Paypal: When you choose to be paid via Paypal, you will be asked to provide your Paypal account's email address (used as your Paypal username.) All earnings are sent to this Paypal account from the WebHostingPad Paypal account, Paypal payments for successful referrals may take 3-5 days to appear or be usuable in your account.
  • WebHostingPad reserves the right to deny, delay, reserve, reverse, or otherwise alter payment for the Refer-A-Friend Program at its sole discretion, especially if there is significant financial risk, or if your account is in violation of our abuse terms.

    In the event you do not receive an expected payment for a successful referral, please contact Our representatives will be able to offer you more information about the status of your referral and earnings.

    Earnings are paid out for new sign-ups only. Successive purchases by former referrals, existing clients, or renewals will not generate earnings for the RAF participant.


    Self-referrals are not allowed. All self-referral earnings will be removed from your account. Any hosting account with information similar to or matching your account will be considered a self-referral, and removed, at WebHostingPad’s sole discretion. This includes, but is not limited to, first and last names, email address, IP address, phone number, street address, name on credit card, PayPal information, or any other self-identifying account information. Signing up on behalf of another individual is also considered a self-referral and earnings will not be given on such referrals.

    WebHostingPad understands that some RAF participants will have the same surname or address as their referral, in cases where you refer family members to WebHostingPad. In such referrals, a WebHostingPad employee will review both accounts and make an educated desicion at their discretion. You may also contact to clarify the situation, provide additional information or verification, or have the referred party validate the reason for matching or similar pieces of information on the two accounts.

    Web Developers and Designers

    We welcome web developers and designers to sign up for our RAF Program, with a few minor stipulations:

  • All referrals must input their own personal contact information and use their own form of payment when signing up for an account. We understand the need for designers to obtain hosting account information, however due to the frequency in which individuals attempt credit card fraud and identity theft on the internet, for your own sake, we cannot honor any account that has contact information other than that of the individual who made the hosting purchase.
  • Web developers and designers may not offer discounts or incentives to clients for signing up with WebHostingPad. This is because you receive earnings for each sign-up. Offers including, but not limited to, discounted or free development, web design, or any other services offered by you cannot be supplemented by the referral earnings. Please keep all transactions separate, and recommend WebHostingPad without incentives, with the exception of coupon codes, which can be given and shared freely.
  • Removal

    WebHostingPad reserves the right to remove you from the RAF Program at any time, for any or no reason, with or without warning, and at WebHostingPad's sole discretion. Removal from the program will immediately render void any unpaid payments or credit earned from the RAF Program.

    WebHostingPad's Refer-A-Friend Program is offered in Good Faith. Dishonest or destructive behavior in regard to the Refer-A-Friend Program is grounds for permanent removal from the program, and may result in account termination if deemed necessary.

    WebHostingPad reserves the right to pause, disable, alter, or remove the Refer-A-Friend Program and/or the Refer-A-Friend Terms at any time, with or without prior notice, for any or no reason, at its sole discretion.

    Last modified September 20, 2018.