Billing Policy


  1. Communication
  2. Pricing
  3. All-Inclusive Hosting
  4. Power Plan Plus Hosting
  5. WordPress Hosting
  6. VPS Hosting
  7. Special Offers
  8. Payment
  9. Accepted Payment Types
  10. Due Date
  11. Billing Cycle
  12. Past-Due Invoices
  13. Renewals
  14. Automatic Renewal
  15. Renewal Notifications
  16. Renewal Requests
  17. Credit Card Information
  18. Upgrades and Downgrades
  19. Account Ownership
  20. Cancellation
  21. Instructions
  22. Data Loss
  23. Things That Are Not A Cancellation
  24. Outstanding Balances
  25. Reactivation
  26. Refunds
  27. Money Back Guarantee
  28. Non-Refundable Items
  29. DNS Zones
  30. Prorated Refunds
  31. Chargebacks and Disputes
  32. Site Transfers
  33. To WebHostingPad
  34. To Another Host
  35. Fraud


You are responsible for contacting WebHostingPad with questions or requests regarding your billing account before any action or automated process is completed. Our system is automated, and not all accounts are monitored for discrepancies, unwanted charges, or other occurrences on your billing profile. Contrary to popular belief, we are not psychic and we will not know you wish to change something unless you tell us. The billing department is open Monday through Friday, from 8am - 5pm CST (UTC-6). You may email outside department hours to queue your ticket for the following morning. Many billing problems can be resolved or prevented with open and timely communication.


WebHostingPad prices are subject to change without notice. Any price changes take effect in the next billing cycle.

WebHostingPad runs various sales and specials for new customers, through our website, social media, newsletter, and other outlets. These prices are introductory promotions for the initial term only and are not applicable to renewals. The invoice email sent prior to the renewal date will contain the pricing information. Accounts renew at our regular rates, as follows:


Power Plan
Billing TermMonthly PriceInvoice Total
1 year $6.65 / mo $79.88
2 years $6.24 / mo $149.76
3 years $5.82 / mo $209.64
4 years $5.40 / mo $259.52
5 years $4.82 / mo $289.40
Power Plan Plus (BEFORE SEP 2020)
Billing TermMonthly PriceInvoice Total
1 year $9.99 / mo $119.88
2 years $9.49 / mo $227.76
3 years $8.99 / mo $323.64
4 years $8.49 / mo $407.52
5 years $7.99 / mo $479.40

Power Plan Plus Hosting (AFTER SEP 2020)

Power Plan Plus + WP Basic
Billing TermMonthly PriceInvoice Total
1 year $7.99 / mo $95.88
2 years $6.99 / mo $167.76
3 years $5.99 / mo $215.64
Power Plan Plus + WP Pro
Billing TermMonthly PriceInvoice Total
1 year $8.99 / mo $107.88
2 years $7.99 / mo $191.76
3 years $6.99 / mo $251.64
Power Plan Plus + WP Premium
Billing TermMonthly PriceInvoice Total
1 year $9.99 / mo $119.88
2 years $8.99 / mo $215.76
3 years $7.99 / mo $287.64

WordPress Hosting (BEFORE SEP 2020)

WP Basic (BEFORE SEP 2020)
Billing TermMonthly PriceInvoice Total
1 year $9.99 / mo $119.88
2 years $8.99 / mo $215.76
3 years $7.99 / mo $287.64
WP Pro (BEFORE SEP 2020)
Billing TermMonthly PriceInvoice Total
1 year $11.99 / mo $143.88
2 years $10.99 / mo $263.76
3 years $9.99 / mo $359.64
WP Premium (BEFORE SEP 2020)
Billing TermMonthly PriceInvoice Total
1 year $14.99 / mo $179.88
2 years $13.99 / mo $335.76
3 years $12.99 / mo $467.64

VPS Hosting

VPS Hosting is provided by VPS Depot, a sister company of WebHostingPad. For pricing information, please refer to

VPS servers are billed on 1 month, 3 month, or 6 month cycles. Payments are made in advance based on the billing cycle selected. Accounts are automatically renewed for the next cycle at the end of the previous cycle to avoid interruption of service. There are no introductory prices.

Special Offers

WebHostingPad offers sales on certain days and holidays. In the event that a sale price is offered via coupon, no other coupon may be used at the time of sign-up. This includes the free domain name offer. Signing up under a sale promotion nullifies any other offers, coupons, transfer credits, or any other money-saving incentive.

Any sale price is only applicable to new web hosting accounts and is only valid for the initial invoice. All renewal invoices will be at the regular rate. Sale prices cannot be applied to active or expired hosting accounts as an extension unless expressly specified by the offer terms.

One free SSL Certificate is included with the Power Plan Plus plan. This SSL Certificate is only included for accounts on the new Power Plan Plus. Accounts currently on the old Power Plan Plus are not eligible for the included SSL Certificate beyond the first year, and must pay separately for the SSL Certificate, or upgrade to the new Power Plan Plus.


All charges are shown in US Dollars. Payments are to be made in USD and must be withdrawn from a US bank.

You are responsible for directly updating or notifying WebHostingPad of any changes to your billing information or credit card, including, but not limited to, card number, expiration date, billing address, or card status. You are responsible for providing accurate and genuine billing information.

Accepted Payment Types

We accept thef following types of payment:

  • Credit / Debit Card (VISA, MasterCard, Discover, American Express)
    Credit/Debit card payments are preferred for consistency.
  • PayPal
  • AliPay
  • Money Order
  • Western Union
    Additional requirements. Please contact billing@webhostingpad for information.
  • Paper Check
    US Residents only. Please send checks 1-2 weeks prior to due date.
  • Due Date

    Payment for a service is due on the listed due date next to that individual service in the Client Billing area. This date is the monthly, yearly, or multi-year anniversary of the date the service was purchased or activated. The due date of one service does not impact the due date for another service, including instances where one service is a dependent.

    Due dates for many services, such as SSL Certificates and Domain Names, cannot be changed, extended, or alterred due to licensing restrictions set by the third-party provider. Hosting Plan due dates can be changed within reason, and at the sole discretion of WebHostingPad.

    When you provide WebHostingPad with your credit card information, you authorize WebHostingPad to automatically charge the provided credit or debit card for any invoices due on the account. Recurring charges will occur on the due date for each renewing service (commonly referred to as "automatic renewal" or "auto-renew") until a cancellation request is received, as explained in the Cancellation section.

    Billing Cycle

    Your Billing Cycle is the length of time between payments made for a service. Billing cycles are chosen during sign-up. Payment for the full billing cycle occurs upfront. Your renewal invoice for the subsequent billing period will be due at the end of the current billing cycle selected for the service.

    Billing cycles can be altered upon request. When you request a billing cycle change prior to your due date, there is no fee for the change. When you request a billing cycle change after payment has already gone through, there will be a $29.95 service charge, which is subtracted from the receivable credit or refund amount.

    Available billing cycles are dependent upon the service or feature purchased, as follows.

  • Shared Hosting : 1-year, 2-year, 3-year, 4-year, and 5-year billing cycles.
  • WordPress Hosting : 1-year, 2-year, and 3-year billing cycles.
  • Weebly Site Builder : 1-month and 12-month billing cycles.
    Billed separately from hosting.
  • VPS Hosting : 1-month, 3-month, and 6-month billing cycles.
  • Domain Names : 1-year, 2-year, 3-year, 4-year, 5-year, 6-year, 7-year, 8-year, and 9-year billing cycles.
    Multi-year billing cycles are not available for ccTLD domains.
  • Past-Due Invoices

    When an invoice passes its due date without payment, regardless of the reason payment was not received, the relevant service will be automatically suspended. When payment is received for past-due hosting invoices, the suspension is automatically and immediately lifted. If an invoice for a domain name becomes past-due, the domain expires, and will not resolve. There is up to a 30-day grace period for domain renewals. Exceeding this grace period without renewing could result in additional fees when renewing, or the loss of the domain name.

    Invoices that are past-due will repeatedly attempt to charge the credit card on file until payment is received, or until the invoice is cancelled, or until maximum attempts are made, whichever occurs first.

    If an invoice remains unpaid for a period of two (2) months or longer, the invoice will be cancelled, the associated services will be terminated or permanently deleted, and the account will be closed if no active services remain. Leaving an invoice unpaid does not constitute as cancellation and may result in unwanted charges.


    All renewals bill you at the regular rate. Introductory rates, coupon codes, and other special offers do not apply to renewals unless explicitly stated by WebHostingPad through an official channel.

    All plans will renew for the same billing cycle as previously selected.

    WebHostingPad reserves the right to suspend any account(s) purchased with the intention of eschewing the renewal rates for an exising service. Accounts engaged in this behavior as determined by WebHostingPad are NOT eligible for a refund, including the 30-day money back guarantee.

    Automatic Renewal

    To avoid disruptions in service, all WebHostingPad services are set to automatically renew by default. When you sign up, you agree to be automatically billed for the renewal of your active services until the service in question is cancelled via these instructions.

    Automatic renewal is not available for all payment types.

  • Credit Card : Automatic renewal is available for all credit card payments, provided the credit card number is saved to the account and accurate. Due to the complexity of keeping payment information up-to-date, WebHostingPad subscribes to automatic credit card updating services provided by some credit card providers. For more information on these services, please visit the following links:  VISA | MasterCard | American Express
  • Paypal : Automatic renewal for Paypal is not available through our billing system by default. To set up automatic renewal for Paypal payments, you will need to create a subscription inside your own Paypal account. WebHostingPad does not recommend this. Paypal subscriptions do not defer to our billing system, and will need to be cancelled from within Paypal, regardless of whether the service has been cancelled in our system.
  • Other payment types : Due to requirements and restrictions, automatic renewal is not available for other payment types.
  • Renewal Notifications

    Please keep your contact information, specifically your email, up-to-date. WebHostingPad is not responsible for missed billing notifications due to incorrect or outdated contact information.

    Please use a personal email address for your billing profile, such as a gmail account. Using an email address associated with your domain or hosting here will not work if your services are suspended, cancelled, or overdue. WebHostingPad is not responsible for missed billing notifications due to domain or hosting-related email addresses.

    Your renewal invoice is generated 30 days prior to the end of your current billing cycle. An email containing the invoice amount, renewing service(s), payment presets, and cancellation instructions is automatically sent to the email address on file.

    An additional renewal notification is sent 7 days prior to the due date.

    If your invoice passes its due date without receiving payment, you will be sent three overdue invoice notifications in the following week(s). If your service becomes suspended for overdue payment, you will receive an email notification informing you of the suspension.

    When a service is successfully renewed, you will receive an email notifcation that the service has been renewed or that the renewal invoice has been paid. If your service was suspended for being overdue on payment, the suspension will be lifted automatically once payment is received.

    WebHostingPad will retain your contact and billing information to:

  • Send you notifications about your services and upcoming renewals
  • Invoice and charge you for active and renewing services
  • Provide you with login details or updated credentials when your password or server changes
  • Send you important support tickets regarding your services and issues you may be experiencing
  • Provide you with cancellation instructions and a cancellation confirmation if you wish to cancel
  • Verify your identity as the account owner and grant you access to your account if inaccessible
  • If you have had your contact information deleted, asked us to stop processing your information, or changed your information to be unusable, you will not receive email notifications or invoices from us, and will not be notified if a charge is upcoming or a charge has already gone through. WebHostingPad is not responsible for missed invoices, suspended services, or lost domain names or site files resulting from your removal of the information needed to inform you of these things.

    Renewal Requests

    WebHostingPad will honor certain requests for adjustment to your renewal on a case-by-case basis. We strongly suggest you request these changes prior to your renewal date as we cannot guarantee certain requests will be honored after the renewal has been processed.

  • Billing Cycle Changes : If you would like to change the billing cycle for your renewal, please email Billing cycle changes made before payment are free. Billing cycle changes made after payment, and requiring a refund, may incur a $29.95 service charge. The shortest billing cycle available is 1-year. Requests for shorter billing cycles will not be honored.
  • Hosting Plan Changes : If you would like to switch your account to a different hosting plan we offer, please email to lock in the request date for your plan change. WebHostingPad will credit your account in the amount of the remaining time on your current plan starting from the request date. If your renewal date has passed or you are downgrading your plan, this change may incur a $29.95 service charge.
  • Backup Generation : You have the ability to take backups of your site anytime prior to your renewal date. If you do not renew your hosting and your account becomes suspended, backups will no longer be accessible. You may request a remote, server-side, downloadable backup of your account as it stands, without renewing, for a service charge of $69.95, due to the time it takes our employees to generate and upload a full backup of a suspended account and the resources needed to store a large backup file on our servers for download.
  • Credit Card Information

    When you enter your credit card information to pay for your services here, WebHostingPad stores the credit card used in a secure and encrypted field for furure use. You can manage your credit card information stored with us from your client area, under Billing > Manage Credit Card.

    WebHostingPad reserves the right to use account updating services provided by individual credit card companies to update your card information when available, including, but not limited to, VISA’s Account Updater program or MasterCard’s Automatic Billing Updater program. Upon signup, you authorize WebHostingPad to use these services when necessary, and automatically charge your credit card for renewals. Letting your credit card information lapse is not equivalent to, and will not be accepted as, cancellation of your services, and may result in unwanted charges.

    If you are a European Union Resident and would like your credit card information deleted, as is your right under the GDPR, please contact to verify your account and have the requested information permanently deleted. If you are not a European Union Resident and do not otherwise fall under the scope of the GDPR, the last 4 digits of your credit card number will be stored for verification and legal purposes.

    Upgrades and Downgrades

    When you change your hosting plan, you will be credited for the remaining time on your current hosting plan. This credit is applied to the invoice for your plan change, and is not transferrable to real money. Credit for time remaining is calculated using the last payment for your hosting plan to get the cost per day, and then multiplied by the number of days between the end of your paid-through billing cycle and the date you requested the plan change.

    In the event that you wish to downgrade your hosting package, there is a one-time, non-refundable modification fee of $29.95. A downgrade is considered any change to your hosting package that moves from a higher-tier service to a lower-tier service. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Moving from the Power Plan Plus to the Power Plan
  • Moving from a WordPress Plan to the Power Plan
  • Moving from WordPress Premium to WordPress Basic
  • This fee does not apply to downgrades from a full-service hosting plan to one of our Email-Only Plans. This fee is waived if you upgraded to the higher plan within the last 30 days, as part of our 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.

    Account Ownership

    In the event that you wish to give ownership of a web hosting account to another individual, you are solely responsible for ensuring any and all account information is transferred over to the individual taking ownership of the account. This includes billing information. WebHostingPad is not responsible for any charges, renewals, failure to contact, or suspensions that may occur if the billing and contact information is not updated to reflect the new owner. WebHostingPad will not refund you for renewal charges unless the new owner of the account pays the renewal charges in question first.

    For a smooth and speedy transfer of account ownership, all involved parties, including the current and future account owners and a WebHostingPad employee, should be present and responding in a single ticket/email conversation. WebHostingPad is not responsible for delays or failure of the ownership transfer due to lack of communication by one or both parties.

    Any change in account ownership requires positive confirmation by BOTH the gaining and the losing owner of the account before the transfer of ownership can proceed.

    In the event of an account ownership dispute, WebHostingPad generally favors the original owner listed on the account during sign-up, but all ownership disputes are handled on a case-by-case basis.


    You have the ability to cancel your account online at any time by submitting a cancellation request from your client area. Submission of a cancellation request automatically cancels any unpaid invoices for the cancelled service. We do not accept cancellations by email or chat for account security reasons. You may cancel via phone call with a WebHostingPad support agent for a one-time assisted cancellation charge of $5.00, following verbal verification of your identity and account.

    WebHostingPad reserves the right to charge a $29.95 non-refundable cancellation fee for any non-technical cancellations, including but not limited to: business delays/closures, change in plans, and personal reasons.

    WebHostingPad reserves the right to cancel any account, at any time, without notice, for any reason WebHostingPad considers warrant for forced cancellation, such as accounts with disallowed or illegal content, or accounts causing harm to the server and/or other accounts on the server, either intentionally or as a result of malware. WebHostingPad is not liable for any resulting damages, revenue changes, lost data, or other unintended effects of forced cancellation.


    To cancel a service, please follow this procedure:

  • 1. Login : Login to your client billing area at using your email address and the password you chose. If you do not remember your login information, please email to have it reset.
  • 2. Navigate : From the homepage of your client area, in the navigation bar at the top, click "Services". In the dropdown that appears, choose "My Services". A list of your services will appear. Select the service you wish to cancel by clicking on it.
  • 3. Request : On the "Manage Product" page that appears, click the big red button in the middle of the page that says "Request Cancellation", or click "Request Cancellation" in the sidebar under the "Actions" header. These both do the same thing.
  • 4. Reason : You will be presented with a short form. In the text area beneath "Briefly Describe your reason for Cancellation", you may type in a reason for you cancellation. You may also leave this field blank. WebHostingPad aggregates cancellation reasons to determine which areas of our service or support need to be improved.
  • 5. Type : Below the text field, next to where it says "Cancellation Type", there is a dropdown. This field determines when you would like your account cancelled. "Immediate" cancellation means your account will be cancelled the next time requests are processed. "End of Billing Period" cancellation means that we will cancel your account at the end of your current paid-through billing term; you will be able to use the service normally until your renewal date.
  • 6. Cancel : To submit your request, click the red "Request Cancellation" button below the form. If your request was successfully submitted, you will receive an email confirming the date and time of your cancellation. If you do not receive this confirmation, please try again, or contact immediately. WebHostingPad is not responsible for unwanted charges caused by unsuccessful cancellation submission.
  • You need to submit a request for each service you are cancelling. Cancelling one service on your account does not cancel all services on the account.

    WebHostingPad employees cannot cancel your account for you. When you submit a cancellation request, your IP Address is logged for veracity. If the IP Address logged is that of a WebHostingPad employee, that employee would receive a formal warning. Please do not ask a WebHostingPad employee to risk their job for you.

    If you have an unpaid invoice for the service you have just cancelled, that invoice is immediately nulled at the moment the cancellation request is submitted, and no payment will be taken. If you cancel a service that has not yet generated a renewal invoice, the renewal invoice will not be created at all, and no payment will be taken.

    Cancellation requests submitted for unpaid services from the client area at or before 11:59:59pm of the day immediately preceeding the renewal date for the service will always be honored. Cancellation requests submitted on the exact renewal date are considered late, and may result in unwanted charges. WebHostingPad is not responsible for refunding unwanted charges resulting from late or absent cancellation requests.

    If you previously set up a Paypal Subscription or Automatic Payment to WebHostingPad in your Paypal account, this subscription needs to be cancelled separately or Paypal will send payment to WebHostingPad on the scheduled date. To disable a Paypal Subscription to WebHostingPad, login to your Paypal account, navigate to "Profile > Profile and Settings > My money > Set Automatic Payments", and disable or remove the WebHostingPad subscription. Failure to disable a Paypal subscription may result in unwanted charges and fees. Paypal fees are non-refundable, and will be subtracted from any refund due for failure to cancel a Paypal Subscription or Automatic Payment.

    Data Loss

    Accounts that are overdue or cancelled will be removed from the server 60 days after the paid-through date of the account or the date of cancellation, whichever is sooner. All data associated with the account will be deleted at this time and no backups will be kept. It is your sole responsibility to make backups of any necessary site files and/or website data prior to allowing the account to lapse or submitting a cancellation request. WebHostingPad is not responsible for any lost data due to account cancellations or failure to renew.

    In the event you need a backup of an account that has already been cancelled and such a backup exists, there is a $69.95 service charge, due to the time it takes our employees to generate and upload a full backup of a cancelled account and the resources needed to store a large backup file on our servers for download.

    Any remaining credit on the account is immediately forfeit upon cancellation, and will not be recoverable, even if the account is restored and reactivated. Credit cannot be converted to real money.

    Things That Are Not A Cancellation

    The following is a list of things that DO NOT constitute a valid cancellation:

  • Email : Sending WebHostingPad an email saying "cancel my account" is not valid cancellation. We respond to these emails with instructions for where to submit a cancellation request, and can help walk you through the process, but we cannot accept emails as cancellation.
  • Chat : Opening a live chat with a WebHostingPad agent and asking for your account to be cancelled. We do not accept these requests for account security reasons, since anyone may use our live chat with any email they type in. We will send you cancellation instructions.
  • Call : Calling WebHostingPad and asking for your account to be cancelled is not a valid way to cancel. Calls regarding cancellation will be sent cancellation instructions via email, which must be followed to cancel.
  • Outdated Information : Leaving outdated payment information on your account does not constitute a valid cancellation, and will not prevent automatic payments. Some banks/credit card companies, but not all, provide a service to automatically update credit card information for subscription services like WebHostingPad when your card expires or the card number changes.
  • Assuming : Please do not assume that your account will automatically cancel at the end of its billing cycle. We enable automatic renewal for all accounts to prevent disruption of service. To schedule a future cancellation, submit a cancellation request with the cancellation type "End of Billing Period".
  • Ignoring : Similarly, ignoring an unpaid invoice is not a form of cancellation, nor is refusing to pay. Renewal invoices will attempt to capture payment multiple times after the renewal date has passed, and one of these may go through against your wishes. You will be notified of the overdue invoice.
  • Problems : WebHostingPad does not monitor, and will not automatically cancel a plan for disuse, problems related to domain name transfers, service interruption from your ISP, or any other secondary issues not directly related to WebHostingPad services. These occurrences do not count as, and will not be considered, a cancellation request.
  • The only form of cancellation we accept is a cancellation request submitted from the password-protected client area. This is to prevent scammers from falsely cancelling your account to take control of your domain name, and to avoid similar security risks.

    Instructions for proper cancellation are included in multiple forms of communication and upon request, as is your login information. WebHostingPad is not responsible for unwanted charges or renewals if you do not cancel according to these terms.

    Outstanding Balances

    Cancellation does not absolve you from paying any outstanding balance owed on the account. This includes charges incurred by submitting a dispute with your bank or payment service and the original disputed amount, if the payment date was prior to cancellation and the payment was reversed. This does not include unpaid overdue invoices for services that you cancel after the due date.


    If you would like to reactivate a service you have cancelled, please email The reactivation fee is $24.95.

    WebHostingPad does not guarantee the restoration of all files and service for a reactivated account. If more than 60 days has passed since your account was cancelled, your account and all backups may have been wiped from the server, and no files will be recoverable. If this is the case, you will be informed, and you will have the option to either reactivate as a new account or let the account remain cancelled.

    In the event you require a server-side backup to be restored during reactivation, there is a $39.95 service charge for the Account Backup Restore service addon. No backup restoration is available for Email-Only accounts. If you have your own backups, you may restore these backups for free from your cPanel.

    Accounts are reactivated for the current billing cycle, until the next due date listed on the account. If the next due date on the account has already passed, you will be required to pay to renew the service before reactivation can be performed. You will not be required to pay for the period of time your account was cancelled, and your service start date will be adjusted accordingly. If you would like to reactivate your account on a different billing cycle than the current one, please inform us which billing cycle you would like when requesting reactivation.

    Reactivation results in the deletion of the cancellation request. You will need to resubmit a cancellation request to cancel the account using the normal cancellation procedure. You may elect to submit an "end of billing period" cancellation request immediately after reactivation to disable renewal of this service for the future.


    Please read our Refund Policy carefully. When you sign up for WebHostingPad, you are prompted with and must agree to our Terms of Service and Billing Policy, which includes this Refund Policy.

    Money Back Guarantee

    Each of WebHostingPad’s shared hosting plans carries a 30-day money back guarantee. India, China, and Vietnam plans don't apply. If you are not completely satisfied within the first 30 days, you will be given a full refund*. The 30-day period begins on the date the hosting account in question was first set up, and does not apply to hosting accounts that were renewed in the last 30 days.

    The money back guarantee covers hosting purchases only. This guarantee does not apply to renewals (regardless of due date), addons, site transfer fees, service charges, cancellation fees, or domain name registrations or renewals, including free domain registrations as part of WebHostingPad's FREEDOMAIN coupon offer.

    Hosting accounts that have passed the initial 30-day period are not eligible for a refund.

    Non-Refundable Items

    * The following services do not qualify for any refunds, including the 30-day money back guarantee:

  • Renewals : Hosting and Addon renewal charges are non-refundable. You will be notified of upcoming renewals 30 days prior to the due date, and must cancel within this time using the provided instructions.
  • Domains : Domain name registrations, renewals, and successful transfers are non-refundable. You retain full ownership of the domain for the paid-through period. This cannot be changed.
  • Addons : Additional services, including SSLs, Backup Services, or the Weebly Site Builder, are non-refundable.
  • Service Charges : Paid services performed by WebHostingPad, such as site transfers or account restorations, are non-refundable.
  • Cancellation Fees : Fees issued upon cancellation of an account for non-technical reasons are not refundable.
  • Paypal Fees : Fees issued by Paypal when refunding a Paypal Subscription or Automatic Payment that was not cancelled are non-refundable. Paypal fees will be subtracted from the refund amount.
  • Abuse : Any account that is or has been in violation of WebHostingPad’s Abuse Terms or General Terms of Service is not entitled to a refund. This applies to currently and formerly abusive or harmful accounts, regardless of your intentions. Please refer to the Terms of Service for our Abuse Policy.
  • DNS Zones

    In the event that an account has been cancelled or suspended, WebHostingPad, at its sole discretion, reserves the right to store DNS zone files for any and all domain names on the suspended or cancelled account for a minimum of 1 year. This does not in any way affect your ability to host the domain name or website with any other hosting company, nor does it affect your ability to transfer a domain name to another registrar.

    Prorated Refunds

    WebHostingPad does not grant prorated (or partial) refunds. The remaining time on your hosting account is not transferrable to a refund or to another hosting account or service. You may continue to use the hosting account until the paid-through date for website hosting, email, or additional storage allowed within our terms. You may also continue to use the hosting account with a different domain name by purchasing the "Change Primary Domain" service addon for $19.95. If your cancellation has already been processed, and you would like to use the account for the time remaining, please email to request a free reactivation.

    Chargebacks and Disputes

    In the event a chargeback or payment dispute is received for a transaction on your account, WebHostingPad reserves the right to:

  • Suspend any and all hosting accounts or services on the entire account, regardless of its involvement with the disputed charge.
  • Claim ownership of and lock all domain names on the account.
  • Restrict access to any and all website files or other data on the account.
  • In the event that WebHostingPad receives a chargeback for a legitimate charge, WebHostingPad will dispute the chargeback to the full extent available.

    You are solely liable for all chargebacks, arbitration, and other fees associated with the dispute.

    If you wish to regain access to any and all website files, domain names, or services, you will need to resolve the chargeback. Chargeback Resolution is achieved by sending payment for:

  • The orignal amount you disputed
  • A $50.00 service charge for the Chargeback Processing Center that handled your chargeback.
  • WebHostingPad reserves the right to place you in Collections with a collection agency as a last resort, which may harm your credit score. If you wish to be removed from collections, you must either:

  • Pay the Collections Agency, which may include additional fees initiated by the Collections Agency
  • Pay WebHostingPad directly, which includes the original disputed amount and the $50.00 service charge for the Chargeback Processing Center. Collections fees are waived.
  • All disputes and legal matters are governed by state and federal laws for Illinois and the United States of America respectively.

    Site Transfers

    This sections covers site transfers between different hosting companies. It does not cover site transfers between servers within the same hosting company.

    To WebHostingPad

    Website transfers from a previous host to WebHostingPad will be done free of charge. This free transfer is only valid when the website being transferred is currently hosted with a different web hosting company. Any transfers from one WebHostingPad account to another WebHostingPad account in an attempt to avoid paying renewal fees, or for any disingenuous reason, will result in a $29.95 transfer fee at WebHostingPad’s sole discretion.

    Transfers consist of website files and databases only. Email addresses, FTP accounts, subdomains, addon domains, parked domains, and other services, addons, or features must be recreated in cPanel with WebHostingPad.

    The maximum account transfer size cannot exceed 3 GB.

    You are entitled to only 1 free transfer per WebHostingPad account. In the event you wish to transfer multiple outside hosting accounts to WebHostingPad and consolidate them into one, additional fees will apply based on the total number of hosting accounts you are consolidating. WebHostingPad does not recommend consolidating a VPS or dedicated service with multiple cPanel accounts into a single shared hosting account. However, if you wish to do this, only one cPanel account will be transferred to WebHostingPad for free. Any additional accounts being transferred for consolidation will incur additional fees.

    You must provide WebHostingPad with your previous hosting account’s FTP details, control panel login, MySQL login, and any other requested information for WebHostingPad to successfully transfer the account.

    WebHostingPad cannot guarantee a successful transfer if any of the following conditions are met:

  • The previous host uses a different MySQL version than WebHostingPad.
  • The previous host uses a different PHP version than WebHostingPad.
  • The previous host uses different server configurations than WebHostingPad.
  • The previous host denies you the ability to transfer away.
  • The server of the previous host experiences frequent and/or continuous timeouts during the transfer process.
  • Any other condition that can compromise file or database integrity occurs.
  • WebHostingPad will make every possible effort to successfully transfer an account without issue, but cannot guarantee that all transfers will be successful. WebHostingPad is not responsible for incomplete or failed site transfers. Site transfers are covered by the 30-day money back guarantee.

    To Another Host

    Website transfers to another host from WebHostingPad are determined solely by the gaining host. Contact the gaining host for their site transfer rules, regulations, fees, and support. WebHostingPad will not charge a fee if you transfer away, but cannot guarantee the gaining host will not charge you.

    WebHostingPad is not responsible for:

  • Transferring your site to another host
  • FTPing your site files to another host
  • Calling, emailing, or otherwise contacting another host to facilitate your transfer to them
  • Failed or problematic transfers to another host
  • Fees charged by and paid to another host
  • Inadequate or absent support from another host
  • Any other result or action initiated another host
  • You are solely responsible for all aspects of transfer away from WebHostingPad, regardless of the circumstances, with the exception of EPP codes which WebHostingPad will provide upon request, if for any reason you are unable to send your domain’s EPP code to yourself through your client area.

    Due to variations in rules and regulations about site transfers set forth by other hosts, WebHostingPad cannot provide you with support in transferring to another host. Please contact the gaining host for support and specialized instructions.


    WebHostingPad reserves the right to permanently refuse activation of services, suspend, terminate, or contact law enforcement officials about any account using or suspected of using fraudulent billing information or practices, at WebHostingPad's sole discretion. This includes, but is not limited to, fraudulent use of credit cards, charge cards, electronic funds transfer, paypal, electronic checks, and/or unethical billing behavior.

    WebHostingPad reserves the right to charge you $50 – $100 for each illegal or fraudulent transaction associated with your account, on an individual basis and at WebHostingPad’s sole discretion, as a processing fee for rectifying the fraudulent or illegal transactions and/or contacting law enforcement.

    If you believe you have been a victim of fraud, please contact us immediately. We can give you information about the charge and limited information about the account to verify that it is not you, and offer direction and help. Please also contact your bank or money management provider immediately so that they may secure your account and issue you a new card number, if necessary.

    Last modified March 10, 2021.