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An SSL Certificate is a vital element to running a successful website. Without one, Google will mark your site as "Not Secure" and may lower your search ranking. So take advantage of our discount pricing and free installation — you won't regret it.

Each SSL Certificate is
$24.95 / year

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What about Let's Encrypt?

Feature Overview

Protect Sensitive Data

Process Payments Online

Build Customer Trust

Increase Google Ranking

Improve Sales and Signups

Activate "Secure Site" Padlock

Securing your site with an SSL is becoming increasingly vital as the world moves toward an internet-centric economic system. There are a lot of SSL types out there, but if you buy an SSL Certificate through us, you can be sure it's the real thing. We only buy SSLs from a Certificate Authority—in other words, a trusted and verified SSL vendor.

That's why all our SSLs include the following features:

  • easy enrollment and full-service installtion
  • most certificates issued in minutes
  • over 99% browser support
  • up to 256-bit SSL encryption
  • $10,000 warranty
  • 24/7 direct technical support

The use of HTTPS security is growing rapidly. As of February 2019, 48.1% of websites are using HTTPS protocol. Compare that to just 28% of websites using HTTPS in February of 2018. Don't get left behind — secure your website.

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Wildcard SSLs

Global security and encryption

Secure up to 100 iterations of your domain name with a Wildcard SSL.

A regular SSL Certificate covers just one "hostname" (one iteration of your domain, like a subdomain.) This is more than enough for most websites, especially if you don't have any subdomains or alternate domains.

But for larger websites, businesses, and organizations, securing just one hostname isn't enough. Rather than buying an SSL for each subdomain, you can buy just one Wildcard SSL, which secures up to 100 subdomains of any domain you choose and could secure your entire site.

This global encryption isn't cheap—but luckily, we buy our Wildcard SSLs in bulk, giving you a discounted rate.

$119.99 / year



Frequently-asked SSL questions

We want you to make informed decisions about your hosting. That's why we're committed to helping you learn and understand the services you're paying for, so that you can get the most from them.

Here are some of the most frequently-asked questions about SSLs:

Will an SSL help protect my site against malware and hacked plugins?

No. SSLs encrypt sensitive data, like credit card numbers and medical information, so that anyone who illegally intercepts that data during transit or processing won't be able to read it.

SSLs do not identify or quarantine malware, nor do they prevent it from sneaking into your website's code through compromised plugins or themes. We have a different addon for that—it's called SiteLock and you can read about it here.

Will an SSL cover all the domains on my hosting account?

No. An SSL can only be installed on a single "hostname", which is one variation of one domain name. SSLs do not cover multiple domains, or multiple subdomains. For example, you can install an SSL on, but then it won't cover, and vice-versa. It only encrypts the hostname it's installed on. (A Wildcard SSL covers every hostname of a single domain.)

Can I use Let's Encrypt instead?

Yes. We now offer Let's Encrypt SSLs for free (on supported servers.)

However, it's important to understand that Let's Encrypt SSLs are significantly different from commercial SSLs like the ones we provide from RapidSSL. They're free—but they're also not providing you with the same level of security that an SSL purchased from a Certificate Authority would do.

Let's Encrypt is a domain-validated SSL. What this means is that they provide a secure connection to your site, and provide you with https:// and a padlock, but that's all they do.

Let's Encrypt SSLs do not: verify you as a legitimate business entity; offer support if it breaks; work in all browsers; include validating organization information in the certificate; or allow you to accept payment through your website or online store.

You should carefully consider what type of SSL your website requires. If you are selling anything online, a commercial SSL is required. Large business sites and anyone taking user's personal information should also use a commercial SSL. Small blogs and hobby sites are a better fit for Let's Encrypt. If you aren't sure, contact us.

Will an SSL increase my search ranking / improve my SEO?

Yes and no.

The primary function of an SSL is to encrypt sensitive, private data and identify legitimate businesses/practices. SSLs aren't made to 'do' anything else.

That being said, search engines like Google strongly prefer websites that are secured with an SSL from a Certificate Authority because it's safe for the searcher to visit and buy things on that website. Search engines are more likely to rank SSL-secured sites higher in search results because of these reasons, and Google Chrome has even started warning users when they're visiting an website that is "not secure".

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