Protect your website from malicious traffic. SiteLock provides comprehensive website security for small businesses, freelancers, digital marketers, and security-conscience individuals. A smart, cost-effective way to protect your website and business from hacks, malware, and unauthorized access.

Securing your site with SiteLock will:

  • automatically scan for malware and SQL injections
  • automatically quarantine malware for removal
  • scan external networks and user web applications
  • determine how at-risk your site is to malware
  • manage your domain's reputation
  • scan your site for SSL certificate security and encryption
  • scan your site for cross-site scripts (xxs) that may be unauthorized

SiteLock is strongly recommended for WordPress sites, which are particulatly vulnerable to malware from compromised plugins and themes.

Each SiteLock Seal is
$24.95 / year

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Feature Overview

360-Degree Site Scan

Malware Quarantine

Risk Score Assessment

Manage Domain Reputation

SSL Certificate Scan

Cross-Site Scripting Scan


Frequently-asked questions

We get a lot of questions about malware, email-sending scripts, and other website security inquiries. Below are some of the questions we get asked the most.

What's wrong with WordPress? Everyone uses it!

WordPress is very popular. It's popular because it's free and easy to use without any prior knowledge of website building. But while all those plugins and premade themes are handy, they're made by third-party developers who can abandon or improperly code the plugin. This opens a lot of backdoors for malware and hackers.

This doesn't mean that every WordPress site will be hacked, but it does mean WordPress sites are much easier to hack than a traditional HTML website. That's why we specifically recommend that our WordPress users look into additional protection against malware, such as SiteLock. That way you can have WordPress without having all the vulnerabilities that come with it.

Why do I need this? Aren't your servers secure?

Yes, our servers are very secure. Between the latest security software available and the disaster-proof data centers we use, our servers are as secure as could possibly be. But hackers and malware aren't targeting our servers—they're attacking individual sites, usually through compromised themes or plugins unintentionally installed on our servers by you.

We can't block every single hacked plugin, theme, or third-party script, especially since new vulnerabilities are found every day. But we can advise you how to keep your website safe from malware—with frequent WordPress updates and trusted security addons like SiteLock.

Is SiteLock just for WordPress sites?

Not at all! SiteLock is especially helpful for WordPress sites, but it works with all kinds of sites and site builders. HTML sites may be the most secure, but there are still some scripts, imports, and installs that may have vulnerabilities lurking in their code. SiteLock is a great choice for an extra level of security for all sites—WordPress or not.

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