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SSL Certificates

An SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate will allow you to make secure transactions through your website. Essential for any business or online store. And it's preferred by Google!

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What does it do?


An SSL Certificate encrypts data received or sent by your website, such as:
  • Credit Card numbers
  • Login information/Passwords
  • Forms and applications
  • Private communications


In addition to encryption, an SSL also authenticates the website:
  • Confirms the domain is legitimate
  • Verifies a company's identity
  • Prevents phishing & imposters
  • Performs idenitity checks


SSL Certificates are preferred by Google and other search engines and browsers:
  • Boosts your SEO ranking
  • No "site not secure" warning
  • Prioritizes HTTPS sites
  • Read Google's Post

What does it NOT do?

An SSL Certificate will secure your site, encrypt your data, and give you a little green lock in the address bar, but there are things that it will not do. Here are some of the most common misconceptions about an SSL Certificate:

Malware Protection

An SSL Certificate will not prevent, quarantine, or remove malware. It does not stop hacked plugins, themes, or scripts from infiltrating your site. What you're looking for is a SiteLock Seal.

Slow Down Sites

SSL Certificates used to be slow and bloated, but with technological advancements and faster connections, this is no longer the case. An SSL Certificate secures your site without slowing it down.

Cost A Fortune

SSL Certificates can be expensive and unreliable... But not with WebHostingPad. RapidSSL is a trusted and reliable SSL provider, and because we buy in bulk, our SSL Certificates only cost $24.99/year!

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