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The following is a mutually agreed-upon contract between WebHostingPad and all customers, affiliates, subscribers, clients, or anyone using WebHostingPad’s services, henceforth referred to as “you”. The spirit of these terms is to ensure you and all customers are using WebHostingPad services with due regard to the rights of other internet users and in conformity with the requirements of WebHostingPad’s network environment.

The terms of service are not exhaustive, and WebHostingPad reserves the right to add, delete, or modify any provisions set forth at any time, without notice, effective upon posting to These terms supersede any other agreement, whether it be written, oral, or by conduct, unless expressly agreed to the contrary in signed writing by an authorized representative of WebHostingPad. Unless otherwise stated, all sections of these terms apply universally, and cover all other sections of this agreement, regardless of placement, formatting, URL, or numbering.

Nothing in this agreement will be construed as created a partnership or relationship of employer and employee, principal and agent, partnership, or joint venture between WebHostingPad and its customers. Each WebHostingPad and its customers are deemed an independent contractor at all times and has no right or authority to assume or create any obligation on behalf of the other unless expressly provided herein.

These terms and all agreements for WebHostingPad services will be governed and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of Illinois, USA. Any litigation or arbitration between a customer and WebHostingPad will take place in Illinois, and the customer will consent to personal jurisdiction and venue in that jurisdiction. If any provision or portion of these terms of service or other WebHostingPad agreement is found by a court of competent jurisdiction to be unenforceable for any reason, the remainder of these terms of service or the agreement will continue in full force and effect.

We urge you to check these terms regularly and keep yourself informed. Any reports of a customer violating these terms should be addressed to

Billing Policy

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  1. Billing Cycle

    The billing cycle to which this policy applies begins immediately on the initial purchase date of any services, and continues through the cycle and any successive renewal periods. At the moment the cycle begins, you authorize WebHostingPad to automatically charge your credit card or method of payment for the initial cycle and any following renewal charges, until such a time as the account is cancelled by either party, as explained in the following policy.
  2. Pricing

    WebHostingPad prices are subject to change without notice. Any price changes take effect in the next billing cycle.

    WebHostingPad runs various sales and specials for new customers, through our website, social media, newsletter, and other outlets. These prices are introductory promotions for the initial term only and are not applicable to renewals. The invoice email sent prior to the renewal date will contain the pricing information. Accounts renew at our regular rates, as follows:

      Power Plan
      1 year: $5.99/mo
      2 year: $4.99/mo
      3 year: $4.49/mo
      4 year: $3.99/mo
      5 year: $3.49/mo

      Power Plan Plus
      1 year: $9.99/mo
      2 year: $8.99/mo
      3 year: $7.99/mo
      4 year: $6.99/mo
      5 year: $6.99/mo


      WP Basic
      1 year: $9.99/mo
      2 year: $8.99/mo
      3 year: $7.99/mo

      WP Pro
      1 year: $11.99/mo
      2 year: $10.99/mo
      3 year: $9.99/mo

      WP Premium
      1 year: $14.99/mo
      2 year: $13.99/mo
      3 year: $12.99/mo

    3. VPS Server Billing

      VPS servers are billed on 1 month, 3 month, or 6 month cycles. Payments are made in advance based on the billing cycle selected. Accounts are automatically renewed for the next cycle at the end of the previous cycle to avoid interruption of service.
    4. Purchasing a new hosting account will not renew any previous account that is active, was previously cancelled, or is inactive due to non-payment. Any account that has been suspended for non-payment must be renewed if you wish to continue use of the hosting account including, but not limited to, any content, website files, databases, emails, domain names, etc.
    5. WebHostingPad will not transfer any website or hosting account content from a suspended and/or cancelled account. Accounts must be active and in good standing in order for any activity to take place on an account.
  3. Special Offers

    WebHostingPad offers sales on certain days and holidays. In the event that a sale price is offered via coupon, no other coupon may be used at the time of sign-up. This includes the free domain name offer. Signing up under a sale promotion nullifies any other offers, coupons, transfer credits, or any other money-saving incentive.

    Any sale price is only applicable to new web hosting accounts and is only valid for the initial invoice. All renewal invoices will be at the regular rate. Sale prices cannot be applied to active or expired hosting accounts as an extension unless expressly specified by the offer terms.

    One free SSL Certificate is included with the Power Plan Plus plan. This SSL Certificate is only included for accounts on the new Power Plan Plus. Accounts currently on the old Power Plan Plus are not eligible for the included SSL Certificate beyond the first year, and must pay separately for the SSL Certificate, or upgrade to the new Power Plan Plus.
  4. Payment

    All charges are shown in US Dollars. Payments are to be made in USD and must be withdrawn from a US bank.
    1. WebHostingPad accepts the following types of payment:

      Credit / Debit card (VISA, MasterCard, Discover, American Express)
      ** Credit/Debit card payments are preferred.
      Check or money order
      Western Union
    2. All payments are due in full on the Account Statement Date. The Account Statement Date is the monthly anniversary of the date the account was activated. If you provide WebHostingPad with your credit card information, you authorize WebHostingPad to automatically charge your credit or debit card for charges that apply to your account (commonly referred to as automatic renewal). Recurring charges will be posted to your credit card until you cancel your account in accordance with the WebHostingPad billing policy, using the proper methods as laid out in the cancellation section.
      1. Payment in full for the billing cycle you selected is due upfront, at the beginning of the cycle. After the first 30 days, this amount is non-refundable.
    3. You are responsible for directly updating or notifying WebHostingPad of any changes to your billing information or credit card, including, but not limited to, card number, expiration date, billing address, or card status. You are solely responsible for providing accurate and genuine billing information.
    4. If you are not paying by credit card, you agree to make payment of the balance due within ten (10) days of the Account Statement Date.
    5. For refundable services, only credit/debit card and PayPal sales are refundable. All other sales or charges are final, and you will not be refunded under any circumstances.
    6. Accounts that are past-due on payment will be automatically suspended until such a time as payment is received and processed. All past-due and unpaid balances are subject to collection. In the event of collection, you will be liable for costs of collection, including attorney’s fees, court costs, and collection agency fees.
    7. If an account is suspended three (3) or more times, or has been in a suspended status for sixty (60) days, the account will be deleted and all data, including website files, will be removed from our servers and unrecoverable. This DOES NOT cancel the billing account, and charges will still be processed and go through until such a time as an official cancellation request is submitted. WebHostingPad is not liable for any deleted data or information due to cancelled accounts, regardless of the reason for cancellation.
    8. WebHostingPad charges a $25 fee for returned (NSF) checks. If you issue an NSF check, you will be required to submit future payments with a certified check or money order.
  5. Renewals
    1. All renewals bill you at the regular rate. Introductory rates, coupon codes, and other special offers do not apply to renewals unless explicitly stated by WebHostingPad through an official channel.
    2. All plans will renew for the same billing cycle as previously selected (1-year, 2-year, 3-year, 4-year, or 5-year).
      1. If your renewal date has passed and you want to change to a different billing cycle, WebHostingPad may charge you a $24.95 service fee.
      2. If your renewal date has passed and you want to change hosting plans, WebHostingPad may charge you a $24.95 service fee.
    3. WebHostingPad will bill your renewal invoice at the end of the previous billing cycle, to ensure uninterrupted service.
      1. In the event that an automatic renewal payment cannot be processed, for any reason, WebHostingPad will immediately suspend your account for non-payment until such a time as the reason for payment failure is resolved and the payment is processed properly, after which WebHostingPad will reactivate your account and your service will resume.
    4. You will receive an email regarding your renewal 30 days prior to the renewal due date. WebHostingPad is not responsible if you fail to receive this email due to inaccurate or missing contact information.
    5. You authorize WebHostingPad to retain any billing information, including, but not limited to, credit or debit card numbers, for the purpose of charging you for renewal fees, service fees, or other legitimate charges related to your hosting account.
    6. WebHostingPad reserves the right to use account updating services provided by individual credit card companies to update your card information when available, including, but not limited to, VISA’s Account Updater program or MasterCard’s Automatic Billing Updater program. Upon signup, you authorize WebHostingPad to use these services when necessary, and automatically charge your credit card for renewals. Letting your credit card information lapse is not equivalent to, and will not be accepted as, cancellation of your services.
    7. To cancel your services before renewal, refer to § 7.
    8. If your account has passed its renewal date and been suspended, and you do not intend to renew service, but you require a backup of your site, WebHostingPad will charge you a $39.95 one-time backup fee. The backup will be sent to you after payment of the fee has been received.
  6. Downgrades
    1. In the event that you wish to downgrade your hosting package, there is a one-time modification fee of $24.95. A downgrade is considered any change to your hosting package that moves from a higher-cost service to a lower-cost service. This includes, but is not limited to:
      1. Moving from Power Plan Plus hosting to Power Plan hosting
      2. Moving from WordPress hosting to Power Plan hosting
      3. Moving from any full hosting package to Email-Only hosting
      4. Moving from WordPress Premium hosting to WordPress Basic hosting

      This fee is non-refundable.
    2. You will receive credit for the remaining time left on your current hosting plan. This credit will be automatically applied to your purchase of the new service. This credit is not transferrable to real currency.
  7. Account Ownership

    In the event that you wish to give ownership of a web hosting account to another individual, you are solely responsible for changing any and all account information over to the individual taking ownership of the account. This includes billing information. WebHostingPad is not responsible for any charges, renewals, failure to contact, or suspensions that may occur if the billing and contact information is not updated to reflect the new owner. WebHostingPad will not refund you for renewal charges unless the new owner of the account pays the renewal charges in question.
  8. Cancellation
    1. To cancel your service, you must submit an official cancellation request through your client area. Cancellation requests are located in My Services > View Details for the service you wish to cancel > Management Actions > Submit a Cancellation. WebHostingPad will not accept other means of cancellation, for account security reasons. WebHostingPad does not accept cancellations by phone or email. You are solely responsible for notifying WebHostingPad of cancellation via official cancellation request from your client area.
    2. Hosting plans will automatically renew until a plan is cancelled. WebHostingPad is not liable for unwanted charges before a cancellation request has been received.
    3. WebHostingPad will not provide pro-rated refunds of any kind. WebHostingPad will only refund you if you cancel within the first 30 days of service, beginning from the time you registered your account.
    4. Cancellation requests must be received by WebHostingPad a minimum of 3 business days prior to the end of your billing cycle. Cancellations later than this time may result in automatic renewal of your hosting plan, for which WebHostingPad is not responsible, and will not refund.
    5. You may cancel your account immediately or at the end of your billing cycle.
    6. WebHostingPad will confirm the cancellation request when it is processed. If you do not receive a confirmation, you are responsible for contacting WebHostingPad as soon as possible.
    7. Cancelled accounts are removed from the server and no backups will be kept. WebHostingPad does not guarantee any data can be recovered after an account has been cancelled. WebHostingPad is not responsible for any lost data due to cancellations. It is your sole responsibility to gather all backups, site files, and/or data prior to submitting a cancellation request.
      1. Any remaining credit on the account is immediately forfeit upon cancellation, and will not be recoverable, even if the account is restored and reactivated.
    8. In the event you would like to reactivate a cancelled account, WebHostingPad will charge you a one-time service fee of $24.95 for the time and effort taken to recreate, restore, and reopen an account after cancellation.
    9. In the event you would like to request a backup after an account has been cancelled, WebHostingPad will charge a one-time fee of $69.95 for the time and effort taken to create, download, store, and provide the backup of a cancelled or suspended account.
    10. WebHostingPad does not monitor, and will not automatically cancel plans for problems related to domain name transfers, non-usage, internic, your ISP, or any other secondary issues not directly related to WebHostingPad services. These occurrences do not count as, and will not be considered, a cancellation request.
    11. Cancellation does not absolve you from paying any outstanding balance owed on the account. WebHostingPad is not liable for, and will not refund, charges made to your account or credit card before an official cancellation form has been submitted, regardless of any statements of cancellation made, verbally or electronically, through any communication method, outside of the official cancellation procedure. (Emailing WebHostingPad to say “Cancel my account” is not a viable cancellation method, and will result in WebHostingPad responding with instructions to submit an official cancellation request.) If you fail or refuse to pay any charges, WebHostingPad reserves the right to send you to collections.
    12. WebHostingPad reserves the right to cancel any account, at any time, without notice, for any reason WebHostingPad considered warrant for cancellation. WebHostingPad is not liable for any resulting damages, revenue changes, lost data, or other unintended effects of cancellation.
    13. Money Back Guarantee & Refunds
      1. Each of WebHostingPad’s shared hosting plans carries an unconditional 30-day money back guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied within the first 30 days, you will be given a full refund.
      2. The following services do not qualify for any refunds, including the 30-day money back guarantee:
        1. Account renewals. Refunds are only available for new accounts and will not be provided for renewals of any kind.
        2. Additional items, including, but not limited to, addons, SSLs, and site transfer fees.
        3. Domain name registration or domain name renewals.
        4. Services or service fees.

        All sales of services and products listed above are final and non-refundable, and WebHostingPad reserves the right to pursue all available courses of action to obtain payment.
      3. All VPS accounts carry a 5-day money back guarantee, based on the creation date of the account. Refunds will only be given if you fill out a cancellation request within 5 days of account creation. Refunds are for hosting services only. No additional services will be refunded, including, but not limited to, WHM/cPanel license, Softaculous, IP addresses, and site builders. Refunds are only available for new accounts and will not be provided for renewals of any kind.
      4. Any account that is or has been in violation of WebHostingPad’s Abuse Terms or General Terms of Service is not entitled to a refund. This applies to currently and formerly abusive or harmful accounts, regardless of your awareness. Please refer to the General Terms for our Abuse Policy.
    14. In the event that an account has been cancelled or suspended, WebHostingPad, at its sole discretion, reserves the right to store DNS zone files for any and all domain names on the suspended or cancelled account for a minimum of 1 year. This does not in any way affect your ability to host the domain name with any other hosting company.
    15. WebHostingPad is not responsible for, and will not, transfer, FTP, or otherwise facilitate your website’s move to another host. You are solely responsible for all aspects of transfer away from WebHostingPad, regardless of the circumstances, with the exception of EPP codes which WebHostingPad will provide upon request, if for any reason you are unable to access your domain’s EPP code yourself through your client area.
  9. Chargebacks and Disputes
    1. In the event a chargeback or payment dispute is received from you, WebHostingPad reserves the right to, and will, suspend any and all hosting accounts you are associated with, regardless of the account’s involvement with the disputed payment.
    2. In the event that WebHostingPad receives a chargeback for a legitimate charge, WebHostingPad will dispute the chargeback.
    3. You are solely liable for all chargebacks, arbitration, and other fees associated with the dispute.
    4. In the event a charge is disputed, WebHostingPad reserves the right to claim ownership of, and immediately lock, any and all website files, domain names, and other data associated with the account until such a time as the dispute is resolved. Site files, domain names, and other data will not be released while a dispute is under investigation.
    5. If you wish to regain access to any and all website files, or recover any domain names on the account, you are responsible for paying any and all fees associated with the account, including, but not limited to, disputed payments, unpaid overdue charges on the account, and chargeback processing fees.
    6. If you threaten to dispute a legitimate charge, WebHostingPad reserves the right to place the domain name on administrative lock, and to suspend any hosting account for a period of no less than 30 days. This is to ensure that any and all services remain paid for, and to ensure domain names are not transferred prior to a dispute being filed.
    7. In the event a chargeback is received and you wish to regain access to any website files or recover any domain names on the account, WebHostingPad reserves the right to add a $50 Chargeback Processing Fee to your account. You are solely responsible for paying this fee.
    8. All disputes and legal matters are governed by the laws of the State of Illinois in the United States of America.
  10. Site Transfers

    To another host:
    1. Website transfers to another host from WebHostingPad are determined solely by the gaining host. Contact the gaining host for their site transfer rules, regulations, fees, and support. WebHostingPad will not charge a fee if you transfer away, but cannot guarantee the gaining host will not charge anything, at their discretion. WebHostingPad is not responsible for any fees charged by another host.
    2. Due to variations in rules and regulations about site transfers set forth by other hosts, WebHostingPad cannot provide you with support in transferring to another host. Please contact the gaining host for support and specialized instructions.
    3. To WebHostingPad:

    4. Website transfers from a previous host to WebHostingPad will be done free of charge. This free transfer is only valid when the website being transferred is currently hosted with a different web hosting company. Any transfers from one WebHostingPad account to another WebHostingPad account in an attempt to avoid paying renewal fees, or for any disingenuous reason, will result in a $25 transfer fee at WebHostingPad’s sole discretion.
    5. Transfers consist of website files and databases only. Email addresses, FTP accounts, subdomains, addon domains, parked domains, and other services, addons, or features must be recreated in cPanel with WebHostingPad.
    6. The maximum account transfer size cannot exceed 2 GB.
    7. You are entitled to only 1 free transfer per WebHostingPad account. In the event you wish to transfer multiple outside hosting accounts to WebHostingPad and consolidate them into one, additional fees will apply based on the total number of hosting accounts you are consolidating. WebHostingPad does not recommend consolidating a VPS or dedicated service with multiple cPanel accounts into a single shared hosting account. However, if you wish to do this, only one cPanel account will be transferred to WebHostingPad for free. Any additional accounts being transferred for consolidation will incur additional fees.
    8. You must provide WebHostingPad with your previous hosting account’s FTP details, control panel login, MySQL login, and any other requested information for WebHostingPad to successfully transfer the account.
    9. WebHostingPad cannot guarantee a successful transfer if any of the following conditions are met:
      1. The previous host uses a different MySQL version than WebHostingPad;
      2. The previous host uses a different PHP version than WebHostingPad;
      3. The previous host uses different server configurations than WebHostingPad;
      4. The server of the previous host experiences frequent and/or continuous timeouts during the transfer process;
      5. Any other condition that can compromise file or database integrity occurs.
  11. Fraud

    WebHostingPad reserves the right to refuse activation of services to, suspend, terminate, or contact law enforcement officials about, any account using fraudulent billing information or practices, at its sole discretion. This includes, but is not limited to, fraudulent use of credit cards, charge cards, electronic funds transfer, paypal, and/or electronic checks.

    WebHostingPad reserves the right to charge you $50 – $100 for each illegal or fraudulent transaction associated with your account, on an individual basis and at WebHostingPad’s sole discretion, as a processing fee for rectifying the fraudulent or illegal transactions and/or contacting law enforcement.
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