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The following is a mutually agreed-upon contract between WebHostingPad and all customers, affiliates, subscribers, clients, or anyone using WebHostingPad’s services, henceforth referred to as “you”. The spirit of these terms is to ensure you and all customers are using WebHostingPad services with due regard to the rights of other internet users and in conformity with the requirements of WebHostingPad’s network environment.

The terms of service are not exhaustive, and WebHostingPad reserves the right to add, delete, or modify any provisions set forth at any time, without notice, effective upon posting to These terms supersede any other agreement, whether it be written, oral, or by conduct, unless expressly agreed to the contrary in signed writing by an authorized representative of WebHostingPad. Unless otherwise stated, all sections of these terms apply universally, and cover all other sections of this agreement, regardless of placement, formatting, URL, or numbering.

Nothing in this agreement will be construed as created a partnership or relationship of employer and employee, principal and agent, partnership, or joint venture between WebHostingPad and its customers. Each WebHostingPad and its customers are deemed an independent contractor at all times and has no right or authority to assume or create any obligation on behalf of the other unless expressly provided herein.

These terms and all agreements for WebHostingPad services will be governed and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of Illinois, USA. Any litigation or arbitration between a customer and WebHostingPad will take place in Illinois, and the customer will consent to personal jurisdiction and venue in that jurisdiction. If any provision or portion of these terms of service or other WebHostingPad agreement is found by a court of competent jurisdiction to be unenforceable for any reason, the remainder of these terms of service or the agreement will continue in full force and effect.

We urge you to check these terms regularly and keep yourself informed. Any reports of a customer violating these terms should be addressed to

Affiliate Agreement

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  1. How It Works

    Upon completion and acceptance of your affiliate program sign-up form, WebHostingPad will provide you with unique tracking codes (URLs). These URLs must be placed on your website. When clicked, the URL will place a tracking cookie on the visitor’s browser, and direct the visitor to If the visitor places an order in the next 365 days from that computer or internet connection, WebHostingPad’s automated system will track the sale and automatically attribute the sale to your affiliate account for commission.
  2. Commissions and Referrals
    1. Commissions will only be paid to affiliates based on successful referrals. A successful referral is defined as a WebHostingPad client who meets all the following criteria:
      1. Non-fraudulent;
      2. Active for a period of 30 days or longer;
      3. Not currently cancelled, terminated, or suspended;
      4. Currently in accordance with WebHostingPad’s terms of service;
      5. Has not previously been a WebHostingPad client;
      6. Has provided accurate, complete, and valid contact information, including, but not limited to, name, mailing address, phone number, and billing information;
      7. Has paid for hosting services in full using a valid and processed payment method;
      8. Was directed to WebHostingPad through your affiliate tracking link.
    2. In the event your referral has been declined, WebHostingPad will, only upon request and at its sole discretion, provide you with any and all non-private information showing sufficient reason for declination of your referral.
    3. All referrals are pending for the first 30 days of account activation. At the end of this pending period, all referrals are reviewed by WebHostingPad for accuracy and legitimacy and approved or declined accordingly, on an individual basis, at WebHostingPad’s sole discretion.
    4. Due to the high frequency of credit card fraud and cancellation rates, WebHostingPad reserves the right to hold commissions for up to 60 days for verification. WebHostingPad also reserves the right to cancel commissions in the event WebHostingPad is unable to collect funds, the order is fraudulent, the customer cancels and is refunded, or if the commission was earned improperly.
    5. Each valid sale will result in a base commission of $50.00. Future purchases made by the same referral will not result in commission; only new hosting account purchases are valid for payment.
    6. The minimum balance for payout is $200. In the event a commission does not total $200 or more, it will have 6 months to do so, or the entire commission will be considered forfeit.
    7. WebHostingPad reserves the right to hold a reserve on payments in the event that it identifies financial risk, chargeback risk, or inability to reimburse WebHostingPad for future chargeback costs. The reserve amount will be determined based on previous commissions, sign-up rates, risk analysis, and other factors. WebHostingPad may hold the reserve for a period of up to 12 months and no longer.
    8. Approved commissions will be paid out on the first of the month, with a leniency period of 1-2 days for processing issues and human error.
  3. Payout Methods

    You may choose one of 3 methods to receive payouts:
    1. PayPal
      PayPal is open to all affiliates with access to PayPal. This is preferred.
    2. Mailed Check
      You may choose to receive payment via mailed check if your mailing address is within the United States.
    3. Wire Transfer / Western Union
      Minimum balance for wire transfers and Western Union is $500. The same six-month forfeit period applies. All associated fees are your sole responsibility.

    In the event that a temporary error delaying payout occurs, WebHostingPad may, but is under no obligation to, notify you of the delay in payment. It is your responsibility to contact WebHostingPad with any questions regarding commissions you may have.
  4. Self-Referrals

    Self-referrals are not allowed. All self-referral commissions will be removed from your account. Any hosting account with information similar to or matching your account will be considered a self-referral, and removed, at WebHostingPad’s sole discretion. This includes, but is not limited to, first and last names, email address, IP address, phone number, street address, name on credit card, PayPal information, or any other self-identifying account information. Signing up on behalf of another individual is also considered a self-referral and commissions will not be earned on such referrals.
  5. Web Developers and Designers

    We welcome web developers and designers to sign up for our affiliate program, with a few minor stipulations:
    1. All referrals must input their own personal contact information and use their own form of payment when signing up for an account. We understand the need for designers to obtain hosting account information, however due to the frequency in which individuals attempt to sign up using self-referral tactics, for your own sake, we cannot honor any account that has contact information other than that of the individual who made the hosting purchase.
    2. Web developers and designers may not offer discounts or incentives to customers for signing up with WebHostingPad. This is because you receive a commission for each sign-up. Offers including, but not limited to, discounted or free development, web design, or any other services offered by you cannot be supplemented by the referral commission. Please keep all transactions separate, and recommend WebHostingPad without incentives.
  6. Advertising Restrictions

    1. You may not use any variation, combination, or mis-spelling of WebHostingPad in your domain name. This does not include subdomains or any sub-directories (i.e. or This may result in reversed or denied commissions or affiliate termination, at WebHostingPad’s sole discretion and without prior warning.
    2. Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Restrictions
      1. You are prohibited from forcing clicks;
      2. You may not use the word ‘official’;
      3. You cannot use a URL or a variation or mis-spelling of WebHostingPad as your display URL;
      4. Bidding on the keyword ‘WebHostingPad’ or its variations, combinations, or mis-spellings is not allowed.
    3. Linking directly to is not allowed,and will not earn you commissions. You must use the individual tracking ID provided to you on your affiliate dashboard. WebHostingPad is not responsible for lost or missing commissions due to improper or direct linking to
    4. You agree that you will not make any representations, promises, warranties, or other statements about WebHostingPad or its website, products, services, or policies outside the scope of your role as an affiliate, unless expressly given permission to do so, in writing, by WebHostingPad.
    5. You agree not to represent or portray yourself or your website as WebHostingPad or WebHostingPad’s website. This includes, but is not limited to, redirecting your affiliate link to a non-WebHostingPad website, PPC campaigns, using WebHostingPad’s trademark or logo as your own, or reproducing WebHostingPad’s website as your own.
    6. You agree to not falsely represent yourself as a web hosting company. Any attempt to act as a host or resell hosting services to gain affiliate commissions is not allowed, and any commissions earned from such promotions will be declined or reversed.
    7. In accordance with Federal Trade Commission 16 CFR Part 255, you are required to disclose the fact that you may receive commissions from the companies or services you promote. WebHostingPad is not responsible for any consequences that may result from your failure to provide adequate disclosure statements on your website.
  7. Promotions, Specials, and Coupons
    1. WebHostingPad occasionally offers promotions or discounts. In the event that your referral partakes in one of these promotions, and the purchases on their account total less than $30.00, you will not receive commission for this referral unless expressly stated otherwise in writing.
    2. Certain coupon codes or special offers are specific to, and tracked to, certain affiliates. In the event one of your referrals uses an affiliate-specific coupon code or participates in an affiliate-specific discount that is not your own, you will not receive commission for that referral.
    3. Coupon codes are provided to affiliates on an individual basis. If you would like a coupon code, please do not use another affiliate’s coupon code or a general coupon code, as it may result in a loss of commissions. To request a custom coupon code for your referrals to use, please email
  8. Family and Friend Referrals

    Due to the generous rate at which WebHostingPad pays its affiliates, WebHostingPad is unable to accept affiliate referrals of family and friends. This includes, but is not limited to, spouses, siblings, parents, children, cousins, or any other direct or indirect relative. In the event your family and friends would like to sign up for WebHostingPad’s services, you may receive credit for this referral through WebHostingPad’s refer-a-friend program.
  9. Affiliate Status and Disclaimers
    1. WebHostingPad will provide you with reasonable support services. If you have demonstrated a high level of volume as an affiliate, you will be assigned an account manager, at WebHostingPad’s assessment and discretion.
    2. Both you and WebHostingPad have the right to, at any time, without notice, and for any reason, terminate this affiliate partnership, with the understanding that termination of your status as an affiliate will prevent you from receiving all further commissions from referrals to WebHostingPad.
    3. In the event you breach the terms of this agreement, WebHostingPad reserves the right to, at its sole discretion, forcibly terminate your affiliate account, decline or reverse any commissions you have not yet received, or take any action it deems appropriate, on an individual basis.
    4. Neither WebHostingPad or you, the affiliate, will be held liable for any interruption of service or its resulting consequences.
    5. WebHostingPad is not liable for any incidental, special, indirect, or consequential damages, or any loss of revenue, profit, or data arising in connection with this agreement. The total loss of either party will not exceed the total commissions paid or payable to you under the terms of this agreement.
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