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Feature Overview

Up to 20 Email Addresses

Increased Delivery Rates

Customizable Spam Filter

10 GB storage per email address

Business Calendar & Address Book

Technical Specifications

Available features and options for Business Mail.

Basic Features

IMAP, POP, & SMTP Access
Spam & Virus Filtering
Domain Aliasing
Message Size
25 MB
Mailbox Size
10 GB per email address

WebMail Features

IMAP Support
IMAP based and compliant folder support, IMAP based search functionality
Spam Management
Spam folder, Safe/Block Sender Lists, and Spam handling options
Language Support
English, French, Spanish, German, Dutch, Italian, Greek, Brazillian Portuguese, Swedish, Norwegian, & Danish
Text Composition
Rich and Plain Text, including full WYSIWYG rich text editing options, address auto-complete, draft auto-save, spell checking, canned responses, identity management and support for multiple HTML signatures.
Personal Address Book
Contact and group management, export/import supporting Outlook & Thunderbird desktop clients, vCard support.
Calendar Service
Optional; iCalendar compliant, multi-calendar support
Mobile Sync
Optional; support for synchronization of calendars and address books across multiple devices via CardDAV and CalDAV protocol support
RSS Feed Service
Optional; can choose from predefined feeds or load a custom feed URL
File Sharing Service
Optional; uses existing mailbox quota (10GB), allowing for uploads of files and publishing through unique URLs
External POP Accounts Retrieval
Custom folder allocation, multiple account support
Additional Features
Message filtering, searching, flags, return receipts, prioritizing, auto-reply, signatures, forwarding, image blocking, SSL based access support, and single sign-on capabilities (including password change blocking)

Spam Features

Filtering Rules
Constantly updated to reflect modern trends
Spam Blocking
98% Success Rate and near false positive rate
Language Support
Multi-language spam filtering and support
Network Attacks
Blocks spam and attacks on the network
Virus Protection
Updated State-of-the-Art Anti-Virus Security
Spam Quarantine
Built inside AJAX webmail interface, available in all supported languages, lists spam caught for each mailbox, deletes messages 14+ days old, "Not Spam" button, customizable list of blocked and safe senders
Abuse Support
Manages multiple real-time blackhole lists, monitors systems logs and abuse activity across the system, influences industry standards, manages AUP policy applications

Architecture Features

Data Storage
sophisticated, back-end technology
Built for reliability, scalability, and performance, top end hardware and software, minimum N+1 redundancy, logical and physical security
Network Availability
Redundant, load balanced gigabit Ethernet network infrastructure, gateway access to major internet backbones, housed in Tier IV data centers
Powerful Advanced Virtualized Services
Transparent rolling upgrades with no service interruptions, minimal impact of hardware failures
Storage Management
NAS based, fibre channel storage fabric with snapshot recovery
Proven Open Source & Proprietary Code
Mature open source services with proprietary service integration


1 Email Account
$12 / year
2 Email Accounts
$24 / year
5 Email Accounts
$60 / year

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