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Have friends who need hosting? Refer them to WHP and earn!

Our top referrers are earning up to $1000 a month just for sharing a link.

3 Easy Steps

Log in to your WebHostingPad account manager.

Grab your referral link.

Send your link to your friends and earn money when they sign up.

How It Works

Do you know people looking for web hosting?

Let's be honest—almost everyone could use a website these days. Whether it's for business, pleasure, or just a place to put pictures of your beloved dog, we can help your friends get there.

All you have to do is tell people about WebHostingPad. Give them your referral link, let them carve out their own little space of web, and get paid! You benefit, your friends benefit, and we help more people host their websites. It's a triple-win!

Referral Tiers

Depending on which plan your friends sign up for, we'll pay you for referring them to us. These numbers are nothing to sneeze at:

  • Earn $20.00 for each Power Plan referral.
  • Earn $30.00 for each WordPress Hosting referral.
  • Earn $50.00 for each Power Plan Plus referral.
  • Earn $75.00 for each VPS Hosting referral.

Okay...but how?

When you log in to your client area and click 'Refer a Friend > Invite Friends', you'll see a mock-up email with your unique referral link. It'll look something like this:

Just send that link to your friends, or embed it on your site, or post it on your social media pages. Then when your friends click on it and sign up, our system will record your unique referral ID code so we can track how many referrals you make. There's no limit! Earn as little or as much as you like.

The nitty gritty

Your friend must sign up for a 1 year hosting account or longer. Their account must remain active with longer than 30 days.

You must have a valid hosting account to receive credit. We will not send paper checks or cash.

Please note that the referral must follow the referral terms to be valid for this program. By using the Refer a Friend program you agree to follow all terms and conditions for the program.

After that, you're good to go (and a little bit richer!)

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