Want to learn how to code your site? Can't figure out how website directories work? What's "FTP"? How come my site doesn't magically appear, fully-formed and filled with content?

We're just a web host. This means we give you the tools to build your site, but we can't teach you how to use all of them, and we're not going to build stuff for you. That could take days or even weeks, and we've got servers to manage and malicious scripts to remove.

What we can do it direct you to some handy websites and resources we've stumbled across, so you can learn at your own pace and in your own way, and we can get back to keeping your services up and running smoothly.

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Web Development

Interactive hands-on courses for learning a variety of coding languages in small and manageable steps, including HTML/CSS and PHP.

Lynda.com ($)

Paid-monthly subscription providing access to thousands of video courses covering subjects like business, technology, and design.

w3 Schools

Covering various coding languages, w3 schools has explanatory pages for individual subjects, with live demos, quizzes, and references.

Stack Overflow

Community of programmers who will help answer questions about coding and progamming. Read through answered questions or ask your own.

Design + Illustration
EnvatoTuts+ ($)

A $15/mo subscription gives you access to hundreds of tutorials, ebooks, and guides about design, photography, audio mixing, and even game development.

Lynda.com ($)

Paid-monthly subscription providing access to thousands of video courses covering subjects like business, technology, and design.

Adobe ($)

The powerhouse of design software. They offer free tutorials for the basics, but it's best to jump right in. Also check out Adobe Color.


Free certificate- and diploma-level courses in myriad subjects—office software, design, foreign language, finance, math, marketing, etc.

General Learning
Khan Academy

Free online courses with interactive exercises in subjects like programming, math, economics, and technology. iOS and Android apps also available.

Future Learn

Online courses in Science, Technology, Math, History, Law, and a variety of other subjects. Collaborations with top universities for select courses.

Udemy ($)

Thousands of online courses led by real instructors teaching skills in business, technology, personal development, health, fitness, and more.

Coursera ($)

Courses with interactive textbooks in a variety of subjects. Most courses are from top universities like Stanford, Johns Hopkins, Yale, & Princeton.

Coming Soon...

We'll add more learning resources as we find out about them, and based on requests from clients like you. If you have suggestions about our company, support, pages like this, or anything at all, feel free to give us feedback.

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