Addon Domains

Addon domains are any additional domains on one hosting account. Each addon domain is separate and independent, and a subfolder is created for it within the public_html folder.


The Apache web server is a very popular, open source, public-domain Web server. It is the most widely used Web server on the Internet. Originally designed for UNIX servers, it can now also run under Windows and other platforms.

The Apache Web server provides a range of features including CGI, SSL, and virtual domains. The availability of the source code makes it possible for anyone to adapt the server for specific needs.

Bandwidth / Data Transfer

Bandwidth, also called data transfer, is the amount of information transferred to or from a website or server given a prescribed period of time. It is usually measured in bytes (megabytes, gigabytes, etc.).

Monthly bandwidth is the amount of data that is accessed on your website each time a visitor visits your website. Each time a visitor views a page, the size of the page is added to the monthly bandwidth.

Webhostinpad offers unlimited bandwidth.


A browser is a computer program used to view and interact with contents of web pages. Examples include Internet Explorer, Netscape, Mozilla, and Opera.

Control Panel / cPanel

A control panel allows you to handle your hosting technical details, including email addresses, ftp accounts, subdomains, etc.

Webhostingpad provides you with one of the most popular, as well as leading, control panel, cPanel.


CGI (Common Gateway Interface) is a kind of program that allows for communication between a web server and a script. This enables the interaction of HTML documents and applications. The CGI-BIN is a special folder in which these scripts can execute.

Customizable Error Pages

You are not required to use our server's default error pages. Customized error pages can be used, and are specified in the control panel we provide you with. These are very popular with regards to keeping the look and feel of your site consistent, even unto the error pages themselves, as well as for modifying the behavior of the site in the event of an error.

Disk Space

This is the amount of storage space that is allotted to your account on our servers. This represents the sum total of all space available for your web files, email and databases. This is a separate factor from the number of visitors you have, and is not affected by web traffic.

Webhostingpad offers unlimited disk space.


The DNS (Domain Name System) is an essential Internet database service that translates IP addresses into domain names. This allows users to look up addresses such as instead of long, hard-to-remember numerical IP addresses.

Domain Name

A domain name is an easy-to-remember address entered into a Web browser to identify and visit Web sites. Domain names are translated by a DNS into an IP address. Examples of domain names are,, and

When you open a hosting package with Webhostingpad, you get 1 free domain for the first year only , and then it will cost $14.95/yr for renewal.

With just 1 hosting account on, you can have as many different websites, or domains, as you want.

Domain Name Registrar

A domain name registrar is a company authorized by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) to register and manage domain names. Domain name registrars integrate the domain names onto computers known as Domain Name Servers, the "address books" of the Internet. Registrars are responsible for updating and maintaining the information in the Whois database.

You can register a domain name through Webhostingpad for $14.95 a year, although you may also register a domain name elsewhere and still host it with Webhostingpad.

Email Autoresponder

Email auto-responders are user-specified messages which will be sent back to whomever sends email to that account. For example, if you were going on vacation for a week, you could setup an auto-responder for your email address which, when email is received at this address, will send a response back to the sender containing whatever message you specify. The email sent by them to you is stored in your mailbox as normal.

Email Forwarder

An email forward is an email address which, when it receives email, automatically forwards it to a specified remote email address. Forwards do not store email, they only route email to another email address elsewhere. For example, if you setup an email forward of forwarding to, then any email that is received by will be automatically forwarded to, where the email will then be stored.

FrontPage Extensions

FrontPage extensions are a group of scripts and programs installed on the web server which allow for the use of proprietary functions used by Microsoft FrontPage. This is necessary for many FrontPage functions such as forms.

FrontPage server extensions are available for Webhostingpad hosting. Before enabling and using FrontPage extensions, please contact our support to make sure your account is on a server that supports FrontPage extensions. If it isn't, your account can be moved to a server that supports this extension.

FTP / FTP Client

FTP, or File Transfer Protocol, is a common method for exchanging files across the internet.

An FTP Client is software used to transfer files between two computers over the Internet. Transferring can be as easy as dragging-and-dropping files from one pane to another – one pane displaying files on your own computer, the other displaying files on the remote computer, or server. In terms of hosting, an FTP Client is used to upload Web page files onto a host's server. There are many FTP Clients available on the internet.

A popular, free FTP Client for Windows users is Filezilla. For Mac users, Fetch is very popular. Webhostingpad provides you with a java FTP, which does not need to be downloaded. It can be accessed via your account dashboard, in the section Webmaster Tools.

Webhostingpad offers unlimited FTP accounts.

IP Address

An IP address is a unique, numerical address of a computer or web page. The format is (each xxx is represented by a number between 1 and 254). A DNS converts IP addresses into familiar domain names.


HTML is a basic, cross-platform language used to create Web pages. The codes are interpreted by web browsers to format appropriately. HTML allows document authors to create hyperlinks between documents (within a website or between documents in various locations on the internet), forms, and image maps, allowing users to interact with the Web site.

Log Files / Site Stats

Log files are text documents in which activity on a web server or web site is chronicled. Information about each visit, such as IP, time and date, and other relevant information is stored in these log files. Site stats tools are applications which analyze these log files and produce people-friendly charts and diagrams which illustrate and summarize the contents of these log files. Log files and site stats tools are both provided to our customers by default, even to the extent of providing two very different stats applications: ModLogAn and Webalizer. Or, for $12 a year, you can get AWstats, a powerful statistics program.

Mailing Lists

Mailing lists allow you to easily send one email to any number of recipients. You could have a mailing list of which has several hundred subscribers. An email sent to will then be sent to each email address on the mailing list.

Macromedia Flash / Shockwave

Flash and Shockwave are advanced media-rich formats for content delivery. Although we do not provide any Flash or Shockwave services, Flash and Shockwave content can be hosted with WebHostingPad without a problem. Many of our clients currently use Flash elements in their sites, and several host sites with us which are entirely Flash.

2017 Update: If you are going to use Flash in your website, please keep in mind that Flash is widely considered to be dying. This is because Flash is not supported by most mobile devices. While we will continue to support Flash, WebHostingPad recommends using alternatives if possible, so that your website is mobile-accessible and so that you will not run into problems if and when widespread support of Flash ceases.

Note: Shockwave is similarly declining, with many browsers logging frequent plugin crashes and bugs.


MIDI stands for Musical Instrument Digital Interface. Usage of midi files in web pages is not terribly popular, primarily due to the lack of control over how the playback on the visitors computer will sound. However, it is not a problem to embed a midi file into an html document, and can be done on our service.

Mambo / Joomla

Mambo and Joomla are both are open-source content management systems which are used to allow interactive management by a large number of users.

For more information on Joomla, please see our section on Joomla in the Knowledgebase above.

Message Board

Message boards are a very popular feature on the web. These allow users of a website to communicate with one another, often carrying on long conversations amongst any number of users, in a format similar to a bulletin board.


MySQL is an open-source database system often compared to Microsoft SQL in scope and power. Often paired with PHP, this is a very popular database platform, especially in the Unix and Linux communities.

Open PGP / GPG Encryption

The most widely used email encryption standard in the world. It is a computer program that provides a high level of cryptographic privacy. It often used with signing, encrypting and de-crypting emails.

Parked Domain

Parking domain names allows you to have multiple domain names for 1 website. For example, if a user enters, they will be directed to, if is parked on top of would be the parked domain.

phpForm Generator

An easy to use, online tool for creating web forms very quickly.

PHP Nuke

PHP Nuke is a content management and portal solution featuring web-based administration, surveys, customizable blocks, modules and themes with multi-language support.


PHP, strangely enough, stands for Hypertext Preprocessor, and is a very popular open-source server-side scripting language, most often parsed on Apache-based web servers. We support both PHP v4 and PHP v5.


Python is an interpreted, interactive, object-oriented programming similar to PERL or Java. It has clear syntax and readability, modules, classes, exceptions, very high level dynamic data types, and dynamic typing. Python is relatively easy to learn and portable.


A server is a networked computer that handles requests for data, email, file transfers, web pages and other network services from other computers. uses the best and brand new hardware, Dual Quad core Xeon Servers, for the greatest speed and customer satisfaction.

Shared Hosting

Shared Hosting is the most common, basic, and least expensive form of hosting. It is called "shared" hosting because multiple clients, and thus multiple websites, share a single server. This splitting of server resources is what makes shared hosting so affordable, like renting an apartment versus buying a home (dedicated hosting).

Shopping Cart

A shopping cart is software stored on Web servers that allows online shoppers to add/remove items and pay for multiple products chosen from a merchant's Web site. Shopping carts automatically calculate tax, shipping, etc. Once a shopper has made a purchase, shopping cart software sends the information to the merchant.

You will have complete tools with our hosting accounts. You can set up your online shop with our complimentary scripts, get a secure URL with our SSL support, and accept payment with our Merchant Account. Everything you need to start selling online!

Site Builders


We provide you with an easy-to-use template-based application called RVSiteBuilder for creating your website from scratch. Knowledge of HTML is not required, and you do not need to install any software on your computer. The site builder runs on our servers and is accessed and utilized through your web browser.

If you're not sure if RVSiteBuilder is for you, you can try a demo on their website.


WebHostingPad also provides Weebly, a third-party drag-and-drop site builder that comes with added features through WebHostingPad. You can read more about WebHostingPad's Weebly on our Weebly page or see what Weebly can do on their official website.

Spam Assassin

Spam, or unsolicited commercial email, is an ongoing problem and annoyance. We utilize Spam Assassin as a means of curbing the amount of spam that is received by our customers. This is an always-on solution, and requires no intervention by the customer in order to use.


Server Side Includes are files which can be included when a web page is parsed. For instance, if you have a header or footer which appear on every page in your site, you can separate their code into separate files, SSI files, and the content of these can be included into the various pages within your site when they are accessed. This function is fully supported by WebHostingPad, and is a convenient way to modularize repetitive code, making it easier to build and maintain a site.

SSL Certificate

An SSL certificate is used for server authentication, data encryption, and message integrity checks. It is most used for online e-commerce websites. Valid SSL certificates confirm the identity of your website and allows you to encrypt payment transactions in 256-bit SSL (secure socket layer) encryption.

Storage Backups

Without electricity, our hosting would be impossible. In order to ensure seamless, problem-free hosting, power backup is absolutely essential. We incorporate not only UPS systems on all of our equipment, but also have diesel backup generators in place for worst-case-scenarios. We test this system each and every week, and have shown that even in the event of catastrophic power failure, our data center remains live with no downtime.

Streaming Audio / Video

Streaming audio or video is a method of media delivery in which the audio or video will play on the client's computer before the file has finished downloading. In other words, as the beginning of the file is downloaded, the audio or video will begin to play, and will continue to play as long as the process of downloading (streaming) continues uninterrupted. This is supported by WebHostingPad as http streaming.


Let's say your domain is On your site you create a page called About Me, with the file name aboutme.html. The default URL for this file will be If you want to, you can create a subdomain for this page, for example, This page can now be accessed by both URL's, as well as There's not really any reason to create a subdomain except that the URL becomes easier to remember.

Subdomains are independent sites with independent file and folder structures.

Subdomains do not need to be registered via a domain name registrar because they are just extensions of already-registered domains.

Webhostingpad allows you to create and host unlimited subdomains.


A top-level domain (TLD) is the last part of a domain name, that is, the group of letters at the farthest right following the last dot in the domain name. For example, in, the top-level domain is com. Top-level domains can be based either on the organization type (.com, .org, .info, etc.) or on a country code (.us, .jp, .ru, etc.).

The top-level domains (TLD's) that Webhostingpad can register/transfer are listed here.

However, we can host any top-level domain.


UNIX is a powerful, flexible, computer operating system designed for multi-user applications (such as networks). It is the most frequently used operating system for servers on the World Wide Web.


A URL is the full, unique address of a Web page. URLs are alphanumeric and replace IP numbers.

Web Hosting

Web hosting is a service that provides a physical location, space/storage, connectivity and services for Web sites so that Web site files can be accessed and viewed by anyone using the World Wide Web. Customers create Web page files locally and then upload them to their Web hosting provider's server. Web hosting services can include email addresses, databases, free site builders, and more.


Webmail is a service used to access email online through a web browser instead of downloading email onto a computer via a program such as Outlook Express. Webmail allows the sending, receiving, and storing of email, and is accessible on any computer.


WordPress is the most popular open source blog publishing software, but is also powerful enough to create business websites. It is written in PHP and backed by a MySQL database. WordPress is easy to use (anyone can use it, from novices to advanced programmers), has a rich text editor that supports multimedia, can be expanded by adding modules (modules can add more features to your website), and is open source, meaning it is free to install and use.

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