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Addon Features

We know people use their websites for all sorts of things, so we offer a variety of addons to fit your specific needs. You can access them any time from your client area. Just log in and click on services > order addon features.

Descriptions and Prices

Premium Backup Service (powered by cPanel)

$19.99 annually

Premium Backup Service makes keeping up-to-date backups easy.

Features include:
  • A weekly backup of your site, regardless of its size
  • A convenient one-click backup button on your cPanel
  • We'll restore your backup for free, any time you need it

Server-Side Backup Restore

$39.95 one time

If you need to restore your account and don't have backup of your own, we can restore our most recent backup from our automated backup servers. We take backups of all sites under 3GB in size and store them on our servers for 1 month, with newer backups overwriting older ones.

SSL Certificate (powered by GeoTrust RapidSSL)

$24.99 annually

An SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate will allow you to make secure transactions through your website. Essential for any business or online store, and preferred by Google.

Wildcard SSL (powered by Comodo)

$119.99 annually

A wildcard SSL adds https encryption to your domain and all sub-domains (ex: shop.yourdomain.com, blog.yourdomain.com, etc). Add safety and security across your whole domain name with a wildcard SSL.

Malicious Traffic Protection Seal (powered by SiteLock)

$34.99 annually

Protect your website from malicious traffic. SiteLock provides comprehensive website security for small businesses. A smart, cost effective way to protect your business while increasing sales and earning trust.

Advanced Spam Filter (powered by cPanel)

$11.99 annually

Take greater control over your spam settings with this easy to use cPanel plugin. The Advanced Spam Filter will allow you to easily manage spam settings so you can keep unwanted messages out of your inbox.

Spam Firewall (powered by Barracuda)

$11.99 annually

Protect your email accounts from spam and malware with our Barracuda Spam Firewall. Emails get filtered through the Barracuda secure server to remove all unwanted email messages.

Advanced Web Stats (powered by cPanel)

$11.95 annually

Advanced Website Statistics gives you in-depth insight on all the traffic that is coming through your website. See how many visitors you are getting, where they are being referred, where in the world they are, what pages they view, and more. A great tool to see which of your web pages are doing well and which may need work.

Primary Domain Change

$19.95 one time

No longer using the domain name you were when you signed up? We can switch the main domain name on the account for you so you can better organize your account.

*Please note, this does not register a new domain name, this only switches the main domain on your hosting account with us.

Hosting Account Wipe

$19.95 one time

If you want to completely clear you hosting account and start over as if it were brand new we can recreate it for you. This will make sure all of your files, email addresses, databases, etc. are removed correctly.

SSD Database Storage

$12.00 annually

Move all of your databases to SSD (solid state drive) database storage. A must for any database driven website, SSD drives load your data over 50% faster than standard hard drives.

SSH Activation

$24.95 one time

SSH (secure shell) Access to your hosting account.

Third Party SSL Installation

$19.99 each

Standard installation and service fee for any third party SSL you purchase. This fee is waived for an SSL purchased with WebHostingPad.

Compressed Backup Generation

$39.95 one time

We will generate a compressed backup file (in .tar.gz format) and send a downloadable link to you so you can have a backup stored on your computer.


If you are a...

  • Blogger

  • Small Business Owner

  • Online Vendor

  • Email User

  • Multiple Website Owner

  • Large Business Owner

  • Data-driven Website Owner

Then you want...

  • Advanced Web Stats
    SSH Activation
  • Premium Backup Service
    SiteLock Seal
    SSL Certificate
  • SiteLock Seal
    SSL Certificate
  • Advanced Spam Filter or Barracuda Spam Firewall
  • Premium Backup Service
    Advanced Web Stats
    Primary Domain Change
  • Premium Backup Service
    SiteLock Seal
    Wildcard SSL
    SSD Database Storage
  • SSD Database Storage

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